Poetry Collection

By Zen disciples

Forever, It's there

The Zen Bell

The Zen Bell
(By Nhien Dao)
(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

The bell lightly reverberates at Truc Lam monastery
At the meditation hall, all monks are gathered
Learning and practice meditation require progression
Once return to yourself and observe, the false thoughts immediately vanish
Obviously, the practicing method follows the principle of Zen sect
It's no different from the transmission of the Buddha
When all minds join together, it sounds forever

Forever, It's There
(By Tri Tri)
(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

Oh, Enyadatta! How foolish you are!
Your head is here, but you keep looking for it
In front of you, the truth is always marvelous
Do you see!
The green pine tree is still cheerful through the changes of four seasons

Tathagata (Enlightenment)
(By Tue Chieu)
(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

Tathagata is always complete
And exists in all beings
Because we have forgotton Tathagata , we suffer
But when suffering ends, we remember Tathagata

Tathagata, as same as thousands of dharmas, is
Self awakening! Thus, the dharma is not dual
That's all for the practicing
So as the awakening