Poetry Collection

By Venerable Thich Nhat Quang

An Ailment
My Narration
Stirring Bamboosas
The Afternoon Rain
The Empty Garden
The Mind Consciousness

My Narration
(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

A split second of forgetting myself could have
cause me grief
Much less the vicissitude in many lifetimes
Back and forth, the path is full of distress
Escaping from that path of error is difficult

But whether it's difficult or not depends on my mind
Once determined, I should proceed
The unforeseen matters in each moment are unexpected
In the sea, the trunks keep floating

Restlessly, the couds keep moving on
Rapidly, the stream passes the bridge
Struggling in unions and separations
Toiling a few times in the whirligig of life

In the silent night, dream a few words
The wanderer, in enthralment if you repent
Needless to worry if the moonlight is not shining
For thousand years, the homeland would never change

Stirring Bamboosas
(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

The early wind stirs the bamboosas
The afternoon sun shines on the peach trees
Wandering along the small path
Strolling to look at the night sky

(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

Burned all afflictions by the furnace
Imminently, the true nature appears
What is left to say?
Viewing the mountains and moon with enjoyment

The Empty Garden

(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

       The afternoon's bell is just ended
       The sky is covered with dew
       The early moon has just risen
       Thousands of wind play the rhythm
             of true permanence

       Much of silence is falling
       Infinite like an endless refrain
       The space is subdued in the dark
       Here and there, it's so lonesome

       Sound, the steps as light as silk
       Moving forward, unexpectedly
       Oh, for long, the path is still thrilling
       Ah, it's the true harmony of poetic clouds

(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

How long can one live
Sometimes, it's short as a dinner time

     Back to the last chant in time of
             the sun down
     Rise the mild scent and endless
             sound of music
     Somewhere, still remains the feeling
             of restlessness
     Rises high all over the sky

     The night falls with emptiness
     Sounds like the rhyme from million
     Here, still are all the flowers of
             true permanence
     Endlessly, they emit the sweet scent

(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

For incountable lifetimes, the bad
habbits had accumulated in me
Like the cold dew covers the hillside
Looming night by night,
Besieging me and keep floating

I pray to the Loving Father for
your refuge
Here are the disciples in poverty
Tonight, I pray for your kind support
To all of us as well as the world

On festive day, the ten realms
are glowing
They emit infinite compassion
Alas! This ephemeral life is like
a thousand dream lives
In the sea of wisdom, the boat appeases
agitated mind

With full confidence in this festive day
And firmness, regardless of any change
This source of compassion is the source
of wisdom
Drink it my child, drink it well

The Afternoon Rain
(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

This afternoon, it rains
The fog is heavy
My rain coat is real wet
And it makes this remaining lifetime cheerless

This afternoon, it rains
Much of dew drops are falling
Cause the steam to evaporate
Make the windows all wet

This afternoon, it rains
The skyline is silent
The hills and mountain clefts
Are covered in rain

This afternoon, it rains
The moon is vanished
Ah! Because of the densed clouds
I then dream in the rain

The Mind Conciousness
(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

If the mind consciousness is yet unpacified
Then, it's difficult to terminate the
cycle of birth and death
That agitated mind
Is the cause of sufferings


(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

Destroy the string of impermanency
For long, I have not made a right step
A man's life is just an acting performance
Step by step, I move faster

(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

I stand up with confidence
No more ties, once I'm awakened
In realization, I see the spacious view
This moment is marvelous

(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

The returning step is always the true step
Even though it's far away, but it doesn't
seem that far
Respectfully tell each other the commemoration
My true mind is elicited, suddenly

An Ailment
(Translated by Tu Tam Hoang)

A cold shiver just struck in me
My body shakes constantly because of
the coldness
Aching, this impermanent body
It's useless afterwards

Done, a lifetime of reincarnation
At sunset, I'm no longer there
The four mountains collapse, but I'm pleasant
Singing a few words while enjoying a cup of tea