Quang Chieu Monastery

Talking about Quang Chieu monastery, it's a long history. It was founded by a group of Buddhist devotees, who desired a house of dharmas that they could learn and practice. The monastery that we see now contains much of effort, commitment, compassion, and support from the Buddhists. In September of 2000, an inauguration took place with Master Thich Thanh Tu's presence.

A year later, the Master officially became the rector of Quang chieu monastery. Its learning and practice are based on his teachings and the "Rules of Purification". In his speech, the Master would like everyone, nuns and laities, continues to practice and support Quang Chieu so that the dharmas will be still well maintained.


Sangha: 15+  nuns
Abbot:    Bikkhuni Thich Nu Hanh Dieu

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