Rite of Repentance

Karmas of The Eyes
Karmas of The Ears
Karmas of The Nose
Karmas of The Tongue
Karmas of The Body
Karmas of The Consciousness

Opening Verse

I sincerely repent because for uncountable lifetimes
I have forgotten my true mind and unawared of the right Way
Therefore, I have fallen into three paths of suffering caused
by the mistakes of six sensual organs
If I don't repent now, I should regret later

Karmas of The Eyes

The eyes observe carefully evil matters, while ignore good deeds
They misperceive fake flowers and forget to look at the real moon
Affection and hatred arise to cause rivalry in good and bad forms
Suddenly, delusion arises to cover the right view
White, green, purple, or yellow, we dispute which is better
The eyes misview like blind
Seeing good-looking people, the eyes glance back and forth
Dimmed the eyes, but the true nature still not arises
Seeing wealthy people, the eyes open wide staring
Seeing poor people, the eyes quickly ignore
When strangers die, the eyes shed no tear
But our relatives pass away, the eyes sob
In front of the Three Jewels or in the temples
Never care to look at Buddhist scriptures
But they pay attention to other men or women
Exchanging eyes, we indulge in sexual acts
Neither fear of Dharma protectors nor Saints
The eyes open wide in joy, the head would never bow
Those karmas are innumerable
Committed by the eyes, which lead us into hell
After innumerable lifetimes, we reborn as humans
As a result, we become blind

Karmas of The Ears

Because the ears hate listening to dharmas, but enjoy evil speeches,
> We have forgotten the true mind to run after sensual objects
Ordinary music sounds like a masterpiece
Bells sound like amphibian's trilling
All satirizations, we remember well
Recitations, the ears are careless to hear
Hearing complements, we would wish for more
Hearing truthful advices, we strongly oppose
With a few buddies or party friends
Together enjoy listening and gossiping
Sincerely, our teachers and friends advice
But to those rightful matters, the ears refuse to listen
Hearing bracelet sounds, arise sensual feelings
Hearing chants, understand nothing
Such karmas are innumerable
Mound like dusts, indescribably
After death, we fall into three evil paths
At the end of karmic rebirths, we reborn as deaf humans

Karmas of The Nose

Often likes exclusive and sweet scents
Never interested in the true and pure scent
Attracted in appealing scents or musk
Never pay attention to the scent of discipline or concentration
On the Buddha altar, sandalwood is burning
Sniffing its scent improperly
Attach to mundane fragrances, regardless of Protectors' reaction
We would never be tired
Seeing pretty faces, we strongly pursue
But quickly turn away from wisdom and mindfulness
Whether at the marketplace or in the kitchen
Crave of filthy or rotten foods
Be mindless of stinkiness or to abstain from onion and garlic
Enjoy them like pig on excrete pit
Nose-blowing, spitting, wiping sputum everywhere even on the floor
Sleep tranquilly at Buddha shrine or Sangha's rooms
Exhale bad breath smearing scriptures and Buddha statues
Improperly smell lotus is same as robbing the scent
Smelling perfumes arise sensual mind
Such evil acts of the nose are those that we are not awared of
These types of transgression are innumerable
After death, we fall into three evil paths
After thousands of millions of lifetimes, we reborn as humans
As a result, we have a nose disease

Karmas of The Tongue

Craves for all kinds of flavors
Be selective in good/bad foods
Eat all types of foods and know them all
Killing animals to nurture our body
Roasting, frying, or stewing meats
With garlic and onion, they become tasty
Want more foods as the stomach never gets full
Attend religious ceremony with empty stomach, waiting for the serving time
Eating vegetarian foods in the morning like ill
people swallow medicine or congi
Seeing meats, we are delighted
Wines and foods are changing and offering
Throwing parties or wedding receptions
Killing animals just for the craving of the tongue
Saying lies and tailoring
The tongue splits in two and evil speech karma arises
Scolding at the Three Jewels and cursing at parents
Disdain sages, deceive people
Disparage others to cover our mistakes
Discuss past and current events, we praise or criticize
Brag on our wealth, but humiliate the poor
Drive away the Sangha, scold at servants
Backbiting is like poison, while smooth talking like soft music
Embellish wrongful matters or fibbing
Hate weather, slander the homeland
Converse in the monks' chamber or even boast at the Buddha hall
These types of transgression are innumerable
Mound like uncountable dusts in this world
After death, we fall into Ploughing Tongue Hell
The tongue is drawn forth, ploughed by hot iron, and burned by melting copper
After retribution and thousands of millions of lifetimes, we reborn as humans
As a result, we become mute

Karmas of The Body

The contribution of both parents have made of our body
The five organs and hundred internal bones together are formed
As we obstinate this body as real, we have forgotten our dharma body
Therefore, we develop three karmas from the evil acts of
adultery, killing, and stealing

Karma of Killing

Often ruthlessly make cruel acts
Killing four species without knowing all carry the same type of formation
Mistakenly kill or harm others, even show them the way
Either find talisman from a sorcerer to exorcise someone,
Or make poison to kill sentient beings
All purposes are to kill people and so there's no loving for animals
Burn forests, mountains, or fill in the springs
Make all traps to capture animals
Because our false perception is in control, the false thoughts dictate our acts
All committed acts are transgressional

Karma of Stealing

Seeing other people's possessions, evil mind arises
First, break door locks, then steal others' belongings
Seeing the temple's properties, greedy mind arises
Lift them away, fearless of Protectors' anger
Not only stealing valuable objects like gold or jade is transgressional
But even a small object like a blade of grass or a needle is transgressional as well

Karma of Adultery

The mind indulges in beauty, while the eyes indulge in fake makeup
Regardless of shame, arises the mind of sexuality
At temples, Buddhist halls, or Sangha's chambers
Male and female laities touch and play
Throw flowers or fruits, then flirt
Dig holes or climb up the walls
All of these acts are the acts of adultery
These types of transgression are innumerable
After death, we fall into hell
Females will have to lie on iron bed
Males will have to hold bronze pole
After thousands of millions of lifetimes, we still subject to negative retribution

Karmas of The Consciousness

Keeps thinking nonsense without stopping
Dwells in six sensual objects as well as attaches to forms
It's like a silkworm spinning a cocoon, and being trapped when the silk gets thicker
Like butterflies kill themselves by hurling at the light
The foolishness causes the mind of confusion
Disturbs the mind is the three poisons

Transgression of Greed

Hate people, we conspire to take away their possessions
Gaining thousand dollars of profit from ten dollars is not enough
The assess is huge like a river, but the heart is like a jar leaks
It's just full, but gets emptied; therefore, we claim it's not full
Even though money decays and wheat gets rotten, we still refuse to help the poor
The silk piles high, but we're careless to help anyone
If we're given several hundreds of dollars, it's not a lot
But if loosing one dollar, it's our tremendous loss
From jewelries to silks
We pile them, but would never give them away
So many matters that we have to care and worry day and night
All annoyances are developed by the karma of greed

Transgression of Anger

The anger is caused by greed
Eyes open wide, we shout to destroy harmony
Not only laities, but even monastic people
Dispute on Dharmas, then attack each other
Criticize the masters and scold at parents
The grass of endurance withers while the fire of anger blazes
We pour evil speeches to hurt people and harm animals
We forget compassion and disfollow forbidden rules
Explain the concept of Zen real well, but become fool when facing with reality
Even standing at the gate of emptiness, we still not yet discern the
concept of formlessness
It's like a tree bursts with fire, and the fire then burns the tree
These types of transgression are developed by the karma of anger

Transgression of Ignorance

Our natural characteristic is dull, so as the mind
Doesn't understand the hierarchy or distinguish right versus wrong
Chopping trees would cost our life, meanwhile, killing bears would detach our arm
Scolding at the Buddha causes disaster, while spitting at the sky would wet our face
We forget and ingrate other's gratitude
We are unawakened to make assessment because of the karma of ignorance
> These types of transgression is quite deep
> After death, we fall into hell
> In thousands of millions of lifetimes, we reborn as humans
> As a result, we become unintelligent

Closing Verse

If we don't repent, these karmas could not be terminated
Now, in front of the Buddha's altar, we vow to repent them all.