Sangha Group

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you some of the Master's Great disciples, who have been known to many of us and are actively performing religious works. We will continue to introduce to you more individuals that make the differences in our life as time progresses. What is shown here is based on the available information that we have. We apologize for any incompleteness. This is where your input is a great contribution.

Abbot Thich Nhat Quang
Reverend Thich Kien Nguyet
Abbot Thich Tue Giac
Abbot Thich Dac Phap
Abbot Thich Dac Huyen
Abbot Thich Thong Phuong
Reverend Thich Phuoc Hao
Abbot Thich Tue Tinh

Nun Thich Nhu Duc
Nun Thich Hanh Hue
Nun Thich Dong Kinh