Chan Khong Monastery

Built in 1970, it was the first monastery that had been established by the Master. It resides on "TaoPhung" ("Nui Lon") mountain, which belongs to Vung Tau city. Chan Khong monastery is the foundation of the renovation of Vietnamese Zen that the Master is pursuing.

The first program began in 1971 with 10 students. With the goal of practicing while learning Buddhism, the students should thoroughly understand scriptures, discourses, and disciplines. This would help them to evade misperceptions which could lead to health problems. Meanwhile, they could preserve the principle of Vietnamese Zen. This is a three-year program.

Later on, the Master conducted rules and repentance sessions for his students at Chan Khong monastery.

This monastery has been a great benefit to all people (monastic practitioners or laities) in Vietnam and other nations.

In 1974, the second program established. The total at the time was 28 students. The monastery still functioned until 1986, it was closed due to several impacts of the society. However, in 1995, it was reconstructed and functioned again.


Sangha:         17+ monks, 10+ nuns
Head Monk:    Venerable Thich Phuoc Hao 
Head Nun:      Bhikkhuni Thich Nu Thuan Tinh 

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