Zen Poetry Collection

Available here is our current collection. Most of them were written by Master Thich Thanh Tu
and Master Thich Nhat Quang. As time permits in the future, we will collect more Zen or
Buddhist poems from various writers and have them available to you.
If you would like to submit one, email us.



Lean on this false self
To wander in this dreamlike world
When the dream is over
Laugh in veracity
Mark a few words
To advice the dream wanderers
Knowing it's a dream
You're awakened!

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If You Know

If you know how life is
There should be no worry in your mind
Who laughed in joy last year
Who suffers this day
Who possessed indescribable wealth
Who now could hardly eat a full bowl
Who was the most honor
Who is now in disgrace
Life keeps go on, and go on
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The Wind

The early wind stirs the bamboosa
The afternoon sun shines on
the peach tree
Wandering along the small path
Strolling to look at the night sky
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Forever, It's there

Oh, Enyadatta! How foolish you are!
Your head is there, but you keep
looking for it
In front of you, the truth is
always marvelous
Do you see!
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